It’s a free and easy to use application for ordering a taxi in the capital area.

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With Lähitaksi app you can forget queuing into a taxi dispatch center.

Lähitaksi has taxis in Helsinki and 18 municipalities surrounding the capital city. Our dispatch area covers the capital area as well as municipalities from Inkoo in the west, going around Vihti, Karkkila, Nurmijärvi, Mäntsälä, Pornainen all the way to Sipoo and Askola in the east.

Lähitaksi fleet consists of 1250 taxis all around the capital area.

App features

• Create a user profile
• Save recently used addresses
• Order a taxi right away or pre-book one at your convenience
• Select a car type (f. ex. station wagon or a minivan)
• Use Google maps to locate you
• Send a message to your driver
• Follow up on your order in real time
• Rate your driver at the end of each trip
• You can find contact information to Lähitaksi


Lähitaksi - app is in constant development. Let us know if you encounter any problems or if there is a missing feature you would like to see.